Frederick Investigations Inc has been dedicated to assisting the people of Missouri in Process Service and Investigations for over 4 decades.  Frederick Investigations is one of the oldest & largest full service investigative and legal support team in the state of Missouri.  We are networked nationwide with offices located both in St Louis as well as Kansas City MO.

Service of Process

1st attempt within 24 hours

Pick up services ( from law firms, insurance companies & major corporations)

Service results avail via phone or email

Affidavits prepared and emailed to Firm with Original to follow

30 day invoicing

Volume discount

Notarized Affidavits free of charge

Address correction and location

Investigative Services

Asset Search / VIN Search / Plate search

Document retrieval

Client sign up services   ( Exclusive to Legal Firms)

Address verification

Skip Trace

Lost Heir location

Well checks

Surgery videoing ( find another way to word this)

Legal Photography (Scene / Evidence / Victim / Aerial)

Bug Sweep

Recorded Statements

Neighborhood Canvassing (interviewing witness, finding witnesses, gathering history, general investigation)

Surveillance services

Request a service:

When legal action is taking place a process server will be called to serve whatever document the courts or lawyers deem necessary to the case. This is a standard procedure for obtaining information from the opposing side as well as notification and obtaining supporting documents.

Some Counties in Missouri require an appointment of process server, others require licensing such as the case with the City of St Louis.  With 46 years of experience, whether serving papers or investigating a case, with Frederick Investigations you don’t have to worry about the mistakes associated with smaller, less experienced process servers.  We hold all licensing necessary in for the States in which we work. When it’s your case,  time and experience  does matter.

You can request a service of process at any time.  Our emails are monitored 24/7 and have a full staff to assist as needed.